GRD Acupuncture

Flagstaff, AZ


GRD Acupuncture
2976 Pebble Beach Dr, Flagstaff, AZ 86004
GRD Acupuncture is nestled among the pine-covered hills in the Continental Country Club in East Flagstaff. If you are new to Flagstaff, you may find approaching from Country Club Dr off of I-40 to be easiest. If you are already approaching from East Butler, you may find that approach faster.
Map of Flagstaff
Click for Directions: I-40 to Country Club Dr
  1. Exit I-40 at Exit 201 onto Country Club Dr - head S
  2. Continue S through the traffic light at Cortland Blvd - turn right onto Oakmont (no traffic light)
  3. Follow Oakmont as it winds around to Olympic - turn right (intersection is Y-shaped)
  4. Olypmic ends at a 'T' - turn left onto Meadow Brook
  5. Turn right onto Pebble Beach Dr
  6. Turn right into the very first cul-de-sac

Click for Directions: East Butler
  1. Follow Butler E past the traffic light at Fox Glenn
  2. Turn left onto Continental Dr (no traffic light)
  3. Turn left onto Timberline Rd
  4. Turn right onto Augusta Dr
  5. Turn left onto Oakmont
  6. Turn right onto Meadow Brook
  7. Turn left onto Pebble Beach Dr
  8. Turn right into the very first cul-de-sac